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PZ | Scraper Belt Conveyor

The PZ Scraper Belt Conveyor offers an efficient means of waste material transfer (e.g. onion skin after mechanical peeling) into pallet containers or, depending on the length of its sloping element, directly onto a trailer. A unique modular chain with plastic push-bars ensures long life-span of the working elements.
The working speed is regulated by a variable-speed transmission unit, the length of the machine depends on the customer’s specific requirements. The construction is made of AISI304 acid resistant steel.

model   PZ-368L18 PZ-390L18
conveyor’s overall length [mm] 5520 7720
length of the flat part [mm] 3700 5900
width of basin [mm] 400 400
min. discharge height [mm] 1350 1350
min. charge height [mm] 350 350
installed capacity [kW] 0,37 0,55