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In response to the growing demand on the market for machines designed especially for small and medium-size market gardens, at the beginning of September we are launching a new range of machines named ‘ECO-line’. The target group are market gardens and vegetable producers with the output of up to 1,500 tons of root vegetables or 1-1.5 tons/hour in an 8-hour working day.

The main advantage of this range of products is its competitive price, which we have managed to reduce by:

  • choosing the best materials and sub-assemblies intended for machines designed to achieve particular productivity and daily output,
  • changing the construction of the machines - the ECO-line range is not intended to achieve very high productivity per hour or operate 24 hours a day, unlike the PRO line which is designed particularly for large manufacturers or holdings and therefore is required to have increased durability,
  • standardizing the production process which is highly beneficial in terms of the production costs,
  • simplifying the wiring (e.g. manual operation instead of touch screens). In case of smaller production lines additional outputs to external applications (e.g. a central computer or touch screen) are also not necessary,
  • simplifying the pneumatic and hydraulic systems,
  • reducing the number of available attachments.

It is our policy to maintain high quality of all our products. The ECO-line range, and similarly the PRO range, are manufactured according to our high standards which apply to both the materials we use and the innovative technical solutions we introduce.