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BRS | Dosing Bunker

The RBD Creep Feed Hopper is a perfect solution for unloading of root vegetables, mainly from trailers (carrots, potatoes, onions etc.). The operation width of the hopper can be adjusted to the width of a trailer. The belt conveyor operation speed is regulated by a frequency converter (inverter). The RBD Creep Feed Hopper features a rubber conveyor belt with "V-type" drives.

If required, the machine can be equipped with an additional bar separator, spiral separator or roller separator.

Main features:

  • Mobility - the machine is mounted on pneumatic wheels and can be moved with a forklift truck or tractor
  • Operation speed of the conveyor can be adjusted to the capacity of the production line
  • Anti-corrosion protection - sandblasted construction covered with two layers of hammer-effect paint
  • Available in left- or right-hand version (position of the control panel)
model   BRS-727 BRS-927 BRS-840 BRS-1040 BRS-1240
conveyor width [mm] 700 900 800 1000 1200
charge width [mm] 1500 1700 2200 2400 2600
installed capacity [kW] 0,37 0,55 0,55 0,55 0,55

BRS (-727, -927)

BRS (-840, -1040, -1240)