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ZSD | Dosing Hopper

The ZSD Dosing Hopper is designed for unloading of pallet containers from a tippler or a forklift pallet rotator. It features a PVC belt conveyor with V-type drivers or a steel rod belt conveyor. The ZSD Dosing Hopper can also be equipped with a combined clod separator SWG/SWS (optional).

Main features:

  • Functionality - charge from three sides (compatible with a tipper)
  • Operation speed of the conveyor can be adjusted to the capacity of the production line
  • Anti-corrosion protection - sandblasted construction covered with two layers of bottom paint + two layers of topcoat paint. GALVANISED SIDE PANELS!
  • Available in left- or right-hand version (position of the control panel)
model   ZSD-514 ZSD-615 ZSD-716
conveyor width [mm] 500 600 700
charge height [mm] 1400 1500 1600
volume [m³] 1,1 1,3 1,6
belt speed [m/min] 2,7÷13,4 2,7÷13,4 2,7÷13,4
installed capacity [kW] 0,55 0,55 1,1

ZSD (steel rod belt conveyor)

ZSD (PVC belt conveyor)