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The ZSW Wet Hoppers are designed for gentle unloading of root vegetables directly into water basin, preliminary washing with active bubbles and dosing to technological lines.

Operating principle:

The raw material is fed directly to basin filled with water what assures gentle tipping and eliminates damages. Air bubbles strongly penetrates dirty vegetables in basin what assures its flowing and mutual rubbing, what assures high efficiency and gentleness with eliminating a soil from vegetables surface. Vegetables flow directly towards rod belt, which transports the material toward outlet.

Standard features:

  • A304 steel (INOX)
  • rod belt with rods covered with rubber and gap 12mm
  • waste valves (throttles) with adjustable operating timers
  • overflow for water

Optional equipment:

  • electronically water level control (feeding valve + level sensor)
  • additional flow pump
  • touchscreen panel
 Type   ZSW-1508 ZSW-2204  ZSW-2218 ZSW-2230
Basin volume 1,1 3,5 6,5 9,5
Width of basin [mm] 1500 2200 2200 2200
Length of basin (straight part) [mm]  1100 400 1800  3000
Number of waste funnel [szt]   1 1 2 3
Inlet level (min)     [mm]  1450 2500 2500 2500
Outlet level (min)  [mm]  1500 2500÷2900 2500÷2900 2500÷2900
Legs regulation [mm]  +200 +250 +250 +250
Power installed [kW] 0,55 4,1 8,1 8,1