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MB | Barrel Washing Machine

Left- or right-sided version (position of the washout doors and control panel)

MBL | Barrel Washing Machine

Automated washing process - self-cleaning through sluice funnels fitted with pneumatic valves (requires external source of compressed air); automatic water level control system. The machine features a user-friendly touch screen which makes the operation smooth and easy (optional)…

MB/MBL.WS | Brush Roll Barrel Washer

Ideal solution for farmers processing small amounts of root vegetables. Thanks to an additional active brush roll unit mounted in the barrel, the final effect of the washing process is comparable with the results produced by brushers/U-brush polishers. Another advantage of such a…

MBZ | Drum Washer with mud remover

The MBZ barrel washer is designed for washing potatoes and root vegetables for further processing.

MBWL | Drumer With Stone Separator

The machine has been designed for the purpose of washing root vegetables and potatoes, with simultaneous separation of stone and dirt.

ORF | Roller Felt Dryer

The ORF Roller Felt Dryer features felt-covered rollers absorbing water from the surface of the crop. The produce is transported by draining rollers towards the outlet while a set of lower rollers with adjustable pressure value squeeze water out of the felt cover