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NSP | Filling machine for pallet-boxes


Automatic filling of pallet-boxes with raw material delivered on the belt. The filling machine checks the loading of a pallet-box using a system of detectors, and after achieving a set level, it changes the direction of filling towards an empty container.

Local control through a contact panel.


construction made of carbon steel 1.0037 (S235JR) - kolor RAL7015/7035
sideboards of the conveyor according to individual order 1.0037 (Z275 ocynk) / 1.4301 (inox 304)

Types of supported pallet-boxes:

- 1600x1200x1000

- 1600x1200x1230

- 2000x1200x1250

Ability to work with smaller dimensions of pallet-boxes at the customer's request.      


Type   NSP-1612
total height [mm] 2195
total length  [mm] 5700
total width [mm] 1500
min. feed level  [mm] 2195
min. the height of the room [mm] 3260
working width of conveyor [mm] 600
side length of conveyor [mm] 2500
weight  [kg] 1800
productivity  [t/h]

38 - potatoes
36 - carrots

installed capacity: [kW] 2,2