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MV | Barrel Polisher

The working element consists of rotary brush roll units in form of a barrel which rotates in the opposite direction to the rotation of the brushes. In the process of washing, the produce is rinsed with both recycled and fresh water from an external installation.

MW | U-Barrel Polisher

The body of the MW919 U-Barrel Polisher is made of sandblasted carbon steel covered with two layers of an industrial coating. The machine features sheet zinc side guards. All contacting elements are made of acid resistant steel.

MK | Cradle Polishing Machine

The device’s primary purpose is to Polish carrots and other root vegetables.

WS | Brusher

The WS Brusher offers outstanding results in improving crop appearance without using water. Potatoes and onions are pressed against the brushes by a PVC sleeve or, alternatively, an additional self-aligning brush unit.