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PT | Belt Conveyors

The PT Belt Conveyors allow transportation and manual selection of crop. The conveyor belts are made from PVC and are fitted with side guides. They can operate in two modes: flat or roller. The PT Belt Conveyors are custom-made to the parameters specified in the order.

PD | Dosing Elevators

The PD Dosing Elevators are designed to combine two elements of a production line operating at different height.

VPT | Dual Conveyor

The VPD Dual Conveyor is ideal for handling a wide range of vegetables.

VPD | Dosing Conveyor

The VPD Dosing Conveyor is specifically designed to offer gentle handling of a wide range of vegetables. Two or three elevators can be connected through an articulated joint to make a combined conveying unit. The VPD Mobile Elevator is ideal for transporting crop into a storehous…

PZ | Scraper Belt Conveyor

The PZ Scraper Belt Conveyor offers an efficient means of waste material transfer (e.g. onion skin after mechanical peeling) into pallet containers or, depending on the length of its sloping element, directly onto a trailer.