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PTS | Belt Inspection Tables

The PTS Belt Inspection Tables are designed to enhance the process of manual removal of waste material, unmarketable product etc. from a batch of root vegetables before packing. The waste material can be discarded into a special channel (side or middle), side pockets (additional waste material conveyor required) or boxes placed next to the work places.

Available options:

  • The working speed is regulated by a frequency converter (inverter)
  • Side waste material channel (for tables with max belt width of 800mm) or middle waste material channel
  • Additional operation platforms
  • Additional waste material conveyors to carry away unmarketable product
  • Top lighting
  • An inverter integrated with the electric motor (NEW)
  • Two-way bagger

Main features:

  • Versatility - the machine can be applied for selection of almost any kind of root vegetables
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • 3-layer, durable and stretch-resistant conveyor belts
  • Anti-corrosion protection
  • Available in left- or right-hand version (position of the control panel)
model   PTS-825 PTS-1030
working width [mm] 800 1000
side length [mm] 2500 3000
installed capacity [kW] 0,55 0,55