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WDL | Stone Separator

The WDL Stone Separator offers mechanical removal of stones using a whirlpool as the working medium. The produce cleaned of stones and clods of earth is transported for further processing on the main belt conveyor, while the waste material is taken away on the auxiliary belt.

SWG | Soil Extractor

The SWG Soil Extractor is designed for preliminary separation of dirt and other waste material. The working elements consist of rubber, star-shaped active rolls with fixed spacing. It is manufactured as a stand-alone machine or as an attachment to creep feed hoppers and dosing ho…

SWS/SWR | Soil Separator

The SWS/SWR Soil Separator is designed for preliminary calibration and separation of round vegetables from dirt and other impurities.

SWGR(-S) | Combined Clod Separator

The Combined Clod Separator SWGR(-S) consists of two joint separators - star-shaped and spiral (-S) or smooth rolls (-R).

SN | Leaves Separator

Leaves Separator and other waste material from root vegetables. The working element consists of a steel rod conveyor belt with a regulated angle and working speed. The SN Haulm Separator is manufactured as a stand-alone machine or an attachment (e.g. it can be mounted on a deston…