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WK | Box Tipper

The WK Box Tipper is a single hydraulic cylinder tipper designed for unloading of pallet containers. The working elements can be easily adjusted to various dimensions of pallet containers. It is suitable to be loaded with a forklift truck or pallet truck. The WK Pallet Container …

WK2 | Box Tipper

The WK2 Box Tipperr is a double hydraulic cylinder tipper offering an automated unloading function - the process of produce dosage is controlled by a set of sensors (photocells). All models are equipped with a radio remote control.

WKD | Box Tipper

The WKD Box Tipper is designed to simultaneously unload pallet containers and dose raw material on a crosswise conveyor for further processing. It offers two operation modes - automatic and manual. The regulated working elements can be adjusted to various dimensions of pallet con…